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Only the carless can handle us

Only the careless can handle US
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This is one of those cliche rating-me communities.
I wish I could find a way to make us different, but I really kind of suck.
Basically, in this community, we rate based on your personality, looks, and just how cool I can guess that you are by those previously listed.

1.) Please don't post unless you are "stamped".
2.) Apply within a day of joining.
3.) Don't bitch too much about not being accepted. Why do I say not TOO much? Because sometimes you being a flaming asshole can make you funny and personally, change my mind. Can't answer for others. *Shrug*
4.) Be disrespectful as you want to people applying--but not to people who are already members. You already had the opportunity to be a dick to them when they applied.
6.) Don't ignore the rules or I'll get angry.
7.) Please, put your full application, as well as pictures, behind an LJ Cut. Unsure of how to do an LJ Cut? Go here.
8.) Don't apply without pictures... unless you are totally sure you can be accepted based on that. I doubt it, sucka!
9.) You must be active within the community. Even if you aren't posting pictures, just say "Hi, I'm alive" or something so I know you're still paying attention.
10.) Pissed? Happy? Just plain outraged about another member? Then tell me. AIM: weezerin15min

Now for the application.
PLEASE bold your responses to make your application easier to read. Also, so I can be sure you actually paid attention to this put "I'm dressed to kill" either as your LJ Cut title or post-title. Kthx. <3

1.) Name:
2.) Age:
3.) Gender:
4.) Located:

5.) Vegetarian/Vegan or no?:
6.) What do you call carbonated beverages (ie. soda, pop, coke, etc)?:
7.) Hobbies?:
8.) Give me a random word:
9.) Do you frequently attend shows?:
10.) Do you like who you are?:

So tell me all about the best..
11.) Best books:
12.) Best bands:
13.) Best president:
14.) Best song:
15.) Best beverage:
16.) Best movies:
17.) Best music genres:

How do you feel?
16.) Homosexuality:
17.) Republicans:
18.) Democrats:
19.) Michael Moore:
20.) Straight egde:
21.) The hXc scene:
22.) The indie scene:
23.) A scene you hate (and why):

23.) Do YOU think you're hot like sex?:
24.) How would you label yourself (honestly)?:
25.) Are you an asshole/bitch?:
26.) Would you be good for this community (why or why not)?:
Post atleast 4 good pictures of yourself.


Your mod: weezmacht