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im dressed to kill

1.) Name:Jamie Wyatt
2.) Age:14
3.) Gender:Female
4.) Located:Lakeside,CA

5.) Vegetarian/Vegan or no?:nope
6.) What do you call carbonated beverages (ie. soda, pop, coke, etc)?:soda
7.) Hobbies?:writing,music,reading,sewing,dyeing hair ( i want to be a beautician)
8.) Give me a random word:ligotage
9.) Do you frequently attend shows?:yep
10.) Do you like who you are?:yes i do

So tell me all about the best..
11.) Best books:a clockwork orange, the wanting seed
12.) Best bands: wow..the adicts,nekromantix,tiger army,the cure,the distillers,the beatles etc...
13.) Best president: lincoln. I think he was pretty good. Also clinton did a good job. I mean who cares who he sleeps with as long as he runs the country well.
14.) Best song:stand by my- the temptations
15.) Best beverage:cream soda
16.) Best movies:rocky horrorpicture show, hedwig and the angry inch,fight club,american history X, a clockwork orange, party monster etc..
17.) Best music genres:hmm psychobilly,punk,indie,ska,oldies..i love everything

How do you feel?
16.) Homosexuality:go for it.You cant help who you love or are physically attracted to.
17.) Republicans:im independent sooo
18.) Democrats:look above
19.) Michael Moore:well i havent seen fahrenheit 911,but alot of people said its sad and makes them see truthful things about bush. I havent seen it so i cant really judge his work
20.) Straight egde:whatever floats your boat. I dont mind it,but i wouldnt be it.
21.) The hXc scene: again whatever floats your boat.Im not into it though
22.) The indie scene: It can be cool.The kids seem to be very nice and i like some of the music.Nobodies really judgmental or anything.
23.) A scene you hate (and why):I dont really hate a scene but any scene that tells me "get out your so ruining the scene" cant be a bit annoying.

23.) Do YOU think you're hot like sex?:I think i can be yes.
24.) How would you label yourself (honestly)?:What kind of labels are you talking about?
25.) Are you an asshole/bitch?:If the time calls for it but i really try not to be.
26.) Would you be good for this community (why or why not)?:Yes,because i usually have pictures to post and am on livejournal alot.
Post atleast 4 good pictures of yourself.

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