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Here it is..

1.) Name:Shantelle
2.) Age: 17
3.) Gender: XX Chromosome
4.) Located: San Antonio, Tx

5.) Vegetarian/Vegan or no?: I respect those who have an animal product free diet. Although if I tried that I wouldn't last but a couple of days to a week tops.
6.) What do you call carbonated beverages (i.e. soda, pop, coke, etc)?: Sodas..Carbonated Fluids
7.) Hobbies?: Skateboarding(yes i can actually do tricks), I’m in band(play the flute...yes..laugh),
8.) Give me a random word: loquacious
9.) Do you frequently attend shows?: Eh.. Not frequently. maybe 2 a month or so. Depends on who’s playing
10.) Do you like who you are?: I love who I am.

So tell me all about the best..
11.) Best books: Go Ask Alice, Give a Boy a Gun, It Happened to Nancy, White Oleander
12.) Best bands: Le Tigre, The Blood Brothers, Underoath, Bright Eyes, From First to Last, Hopesfall
13.) Best president: Clinton he was a good president. Who cares about what went on in his personal life? Hes human like all of us.
14.) Best song: The Thong Song…I don’t know.
15.) Best beverage: Sprite and water.
16.) Best movies: A Walk to Remember, Taking Lives, Gardenstate, The Notebook
17.) Best music genres: Indie, Electronica, Screamo, Hardcore, Grindcore, Ill listen to pretty much anything..But im not too fond of rap and country...

How do you feel?
16.) Homosexuality: You like what you like. I don’t like calling people gay or lesbian. Its stupid. I believe you are attracted to whoever you are and that shouldn’t automatically place you in a genre. Love is love.
17.) Republicans: I respect them. But Im more for Democrats.
18.) Democrats: Well, I side more with this political part because Im more Liberal.
19.) Michael Moore: Indifferent.
20.) Straight egde: It’s cool that yu are trying to better yourself by not falling into temptations of sex alcohol and drugs. But I don’t like to limit my self in life. Im not saying im a nympho or running around getting high or drunk, but Ive drank and gotten high before. Props to the sXe kids.
21.) The hXc scene: I love hardcore music..Not the scene.
22.) The indie scene: I love indie but im not part of any scene.
23.) A scene you hate (and why): I don’t HATE scenes..I just don’t see a point to them. It’s just retarded in my opinion. But I guess theyre cool for the people apart of them.

23.) Do YOU think you're hot like sex?: No. I KNOW I’m hot like sex haha.
24.) How would you label yourself (honestly)?: A skater…I skateboard..so..
25.) Are you an asshole/bitch?: If someone is a bitch or asshole to me, two can play that game
26.) Would you be good for this community (why or why not)?: I think I would be good for this community because I think Im pretty original and such. Im a pretty good person as well. And I believe i could bring humor and fun! Thanks for your time and now for some photos..

Sorry ahead of time..Theyre friggin huge..I dint feel like resizing.

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