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1.) Name: Sarah
2.) Age: 15
3.) Gender: Female
4.) Located: NJ

5.) Vegetarian/Vegan or no?: Nope.
6.) What do you call carbonated beverages (ie. soda, pop, coke, etc)?: Soda.
7.) Hobbies?: Singing, writing poems, stories, plays, and songs, dancing, reading, and acting.
8.) Give me a random word: Fork.
9.) Do you frequently attend shows?: Yes, tons.
10.) Do you like who you are?: Sometimes!!

So tell me all about the best..
11.) Best books: Don't Call it Paradise and On the Bright Side, I am Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God.
12.) Best bands: The Who, The Doors, Finch, Switchfoot, Led Zeppelin, and Evanescence. 
13.) Best president: Bill Clinton
14.) Best song: Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven"
15.) Best beverage: Lemonade
16.) Best movies: LOTR, HP, and Thirteen.
17.) Best music genres: Rock, and only rock.

How do you feel?
16.) Homosexuality: Fine with it.  Love shouldn't have labels.  We are all human and should be treated equally.
17.) Republicans: I don't care.
18.) Democrats: I really don't care.
19.) Michael Moore: I think he is a cool dude having the guts to express his feelings about the president.
20.) Straight egde: Fine with it.
21.) The hXc scene: Kind of like it.
22.) The indie scene: It's okay.
23.) A scene you hate (and why): The pop scene.

23.) Do YOU think you're hot like sex?: Maybe.
24.) How would you label yourself (honestly)?: A loser.
25.) Are you an asshole/bitch?: Can be.
26.) Would you be good for this community (why or why not)?: Yes, because I can bring humor to the site and I like to meet new people.
Post atleast 4 good pictures of yourself.

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